Submerged democracy

(Spanish State 2011-2018), 2014.

After the 2008 financial crash that threatened to collapse the world banking system, the European Union decided to bail out the financial institutions of its southern European countries by applying so-called 'austerity policies'. The respective governments of these countries applied these measures, which consisted of savage cuts in public spending, destroying their welfare states and unleashing a severe social, political and economic crisis that led to poverty and despair for millions of people.

In Spain these austerity measures in public spending were initiated by a social democratic government and continued by an authoritarian Christian Democrat government that, taking advantage of the situation and its absolute majority in the Spanish parliament, applied them ruthlessly.

In response to these cruel policies, a wave of peaceful citizen protests was unleashed and repressed with police brutality. Citizens were arrested and imprisoned for exercising their right to free speech.

This Christian Democrat government that the country suffered, despised, submerged and stifled the democratic values of its society and behaved like a totalitarian state responding to social unrest with policies of social control and police repression.

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