Declaration of war: neoliberalism sucks my balls!

Work created specifically for the travelling group show The War. Spaces-Times of Conflict. The exhibition could be seen at the Space for Contemporary Culture ECCO. Cádiz, March-April 2018. And at the social and cultural centre La Invisible. Málaga, October-November 2017.

Text of the exhibition.

«The war... Yes, always among us, in a reality of realities overwhelmed by the multiplicity of manifestations with which it is projected everywhere. Material becoming of terror, strong expansion of ideas immaterial, objectualising vortex of subjects, one of the greatest outbursts of history, more and more present in more and more territories.

Where are we? In its shadow, under its threat, in a multiplicity of degrees, always exposed to it, inert in thinking-doing in the face of its power, reactively inactive before the lords and servants of it. Figures, data, the dead...

The war is there, it is hardly talked about - because most of the information that reaches us about its existence does so according to the parameters of the mass media. And extatism, given our privileged situation, does not suit us... We cannot let it pass, and we want to socialise our denunciation, beyond what has traditionally been done, beyond our equals, those at the bottom, knowing that in this equality —in the sense that we are all under threat— there are many layers, and that we can stand up for these things...

For this reason, The War. Spaces-times of conflict is intended not only as an exhibition open to all those who want to approach it, but also as a meeting place that generates situations, with talks, workshops, performances and direct action... through philosophy, history, art, music, geography, theatre, photography or graphic design... to make voices visible and bring them closer, to share and learn by sharing, to present more weapons... and try to subvert the situation... because we are more... and everything is yet to be done...»

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