Always antifascist (Neofascism)
, 2022.

In Nazi concentration camps, prisoners were marked by a visual coding system that differentiated them according to the crimes they had committed.
This marking system consisted of sewing on their uniforms a piece of cloth in the shape of an inverted triangle, depending on the crime, the triangle was of one color or another.

The black triangle was intended for prisoners with physical and intellectual disabilities, homeless people, prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, social misfits and anarchists.

This geometric shape used by the fascists to mark and humiliate people, was later reclaimed and used by social organizations as a symbol of self-identity, thus deactivating its initial vexatious meaning.

These marks were re-appropriated and re-signified as a symbol of resistance and anti-fascist struggle.

Always antifascist was a public artistic action where the artist tattooed himself a 4 cm black triangle.

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