↓ Total elapsed time from December 3, 2019 through May 29, 2023.

Time elapsed (Neofascism)
, 2019-2023.

Time is a physical magnitude that allows us to measure the duration of events.

Time elapsed was a work of net.art that recorded in real time each and every day, hour, minute and second that an openly fascist political party was part of Spanish democracy for the first time since its restoration in 1977.

The counter began on 3 December 2019 with the constitution of the general courts that started the XIV Spanish legislature and ended with its dissolution on 29 May 2023.

Time that has been a countdown for Spanish democracy, having allowed this totalitarian ideology to be part of it. And the same time that fascism has taken advantage of to hinder its activity and spread its ideology of hatred.

Time lost, time gained.

GAME OVER Democracy
YOU WIN Fascism

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