The old dick wars
, 2022.


For the mass media there is only one war and it is the one that we as citizens must pay attention to and worry about as it is happening on Europe's doorstep.

Although there is no exact figure for the number of active wars that are occurring simultaneously on earth right now, the artist's research has managed to record thirty-five active armed conflicts. Since the beginning of each of them, these conflicts have caused the death of more than twelve million people.

Forty-three countries are involved in these thirty-five contrasting armed conflicts. Twenty-two percent of the world's countries are at war.

Old dicks.

Old dick is an offensive expression used in in Spanish popular culture to refer to a toxic and outdated male role model.

This type of men relate to others through verbal and/or physical violence. They are usually people with racist, homophobic, misogynist, sexist and ultra-nationalist ideas. They cling to and refuse to give up their self-constructed privileges through their androcentric[1] and phallocentric[2] perspective of the world.

[1] Androcentrism. The practice of giving men and their point of view a central position in the world, societies, culture and history. From an androcentric perspective, men constitute the subject of reference and women are excluded and made invisible.

[2] Phallocentrism. Ideology that affirms that the phallus or male sexual organ is the central basis for the organization of the social world.

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