Gag Law II

(Spanish State 2011-2018), 2016.

The so-called 'Organic Law for the Protection of Citizen Security' or 'Gag Law' imposed by the conservative and authoritarian government that Spain suffered between 2011 and 2018, is a Law that undermines the fundamental right that citizens had to free expression, assembly and demonstration. A law that takes Spanish society back to the times of Franco's dictatorship.

With this law, if you attend demonstrations that have not been communicated to the competent authorities or if you decide to leave the route marked by the police or disobey their orders, the attendees face serious administrative sanctions; moreover, with the 'Gag Law', if photographs obtained from police officers in the line of duty are shown publicly and in them the identity of the agents can be recognized, the authors of the images also face heavy fines. Thanks to this law, in this work, the artist had to censor himself in order not to be sanctioned.

Demonstrations are no longer spontaneous gatherings of protest and demands of free citizens. Today demonstrations are harmless parades of people, a group of submissive sheep led by the police.

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