This version of the work was part of the exhibition Future, an exhibition organised by the For Rent Collective, a cultural project for contemporary creation in disused spaces. Lavapies neighbourhood, Madrid, Spain, November 2019.

This version of the work was part of the group exhibition The AntiSpain, an exhibition organised by the self-managed space ABM. Vallekas neighbourhood, Madrid, Spain, October 2016.

Destroyed future
, 2016-2019.

We live under what is known as Neoliberal Capitalism. This socio-economic system is designed to disproportionately and uncontrollably enrich a minority of people by impoverishing the vast majority.
Those of us who belong to the great majority, as long as this inhuman system exists, will never get out of the so-called economic crises, we will never recover our lost rights and we will never have a decent future. Right now our future has been destroyed.

Destroyed Future is a negative response to the false mantras of hope and positivity that we receive from the mass media or the propaganda tools used by these minorities.
Messages whose only purpose is to keep us in a constant effort to try to achieve progress and personal wellbeing that we will never obtain under this savage system in which we live.

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